The Sheffey Family Tree Part 2: Godfrey Taylor Sheffey

This family tree is an example of one of the “orphan” branches I’ve been trying to tie into the overall family tree.

What’s particularly interesting about this tree is where 2 different branches of the family have merged through marriage. In this instance, it’s my great-aunt Callie Sheffey (daughter of Daniel Henry Sheffey and Margaret Clark) marrying William Turner, whose mother was a Sheffey from a different family line. The Sheffeys in William Turner’s line started in Virginia, went to Alabama with their slave master and returned to Virginia decades later – where they re-connected with the larger Sheffey family. It shows that despite the turmoil and displacement of African American families during slavery, family bonds did survived.

My thanks and gratitude to my newly found cousin Carol and her husband Bill for all of the information they’ve generously provided about Godfrey Sheffey and his descendants.

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