GA Live: Show Episodes

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Episode 8: Bernice Bennett

Episode 7: Genealogy Best Practice – Using Sources and Citations

Episode 6: Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

Episode 5: Writing your family’s history

Episode 4: Lineage societies & poorly documented ancestory

Episode 3: Meet Sharon Morgan from Our Black Ancestry

Episode 2: Researching your female ancestors

Episode 1: Meet the GU272 Descendants Project


Episode 12: Meet the Beyond Kin Project

Episode 11: Meet the IAAM’s Family Research Center Team

Episode 10: Why Changing State & County Boundary Lines Matter

Episode 09: Pushing beyond the 1870 Census to find your enslaved ancestors

Episode 08: Sheila Hightower-Allen DNA Memorial Fund & Howard University

Episode 07: Critical Thinking & Genealogy Research

Episode 06: Ancestral Naming Conventions & Smashing Genealogy Brick Walls

Episode 05: Endogamy: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Episode 04: First contact with DNA cousins of a different race/ethnicity

Episode 03:Freedmen’s Bureau Work Contracts

Episode 02: Working with your DNA test results

Episode 01:How genealogy grabbed a hold of us